Home Selling Tip Of The Day:  Garages Are Not For Storage    4/7/2013

John Souerbry
Our home selling tip of the dayfocuses on one of the most important spaces buyers will see when they tour our home – the garage.  We often spend a lot of time and money preparing the interior of our home for sale, perhaps with new paint, carpet and window coverings.  We will de-clutter every room, packing up unused furniture and other items for storage.  But then we sometimes end up working against ourselves when we take that old furniture and overflowing stacks of boxes and store them in the garage.
Moving clutter from the house to the garage solves one problem while creating another.  Home buyers often comment that they can’t see the value of the garage when it’s used for storage rather than for parking.  In fact, it’s frequently said that when a garage is used for storage it’s a sign that the rest of the house may be too small.
What can we do to solve this problem?
·        Re-assess the items we’re storing to see if this might be a good time to hold a yard sale, donate the items to Goodwill, or just throw them away.
·        Rent a storage locker until we move to our next home.
·        Install shelving so that stored items, if they must be kept in the garage, are not left on the floor and don’t interfere with parking as many cars in the garage as it was designed for.
·        Buy matching plastic storage bins with latching lids.  Matching bins provide a look of cleanliness and order, plus they are easier to move and are tougher than cardboard boxes.  Just make sure to store the bins on shelves, not on the floor.
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